Thursday, April 12, 2012

Starbucks is my Office

It's ironic that Starbucks is, for all practical purposes, my office, since I really prefer to avoid visiting Starbucks in favor of local coffee shops as much as possible.  But it's in the library on campus and has lots of tables and is the only coffee shop type setting that I feel like I can visit every day for hours on end without actually purchasing anything and not really offend any of the here I sit, day after day, smelling perpetually of slightly burnt coffee...  Seriously, our student joke that they're going to purchase name placards for us to set on our Starbucks tables just like you'd find on someone's office.  Starbucks is the Cru base of operations at UT.

So it is odd for me to sit here this week, knowing that it is the 2nd to last time that I will meet with my girls in this place.  The year wraps up SO quickly!  I can hardly believe that my time here is almost done.  I'm excited to learn to do campus ministry in the Chicago area, but my heart is breaking a little more each day as I think about leaving Knoxville.  I really have come to love this place. 

Gotta comes one of my girls for discipleship!