Tuesday, July 24, 2012


A few clips of East Asian food, for those who are interested :)

Sweet and Sour Fish at a fancy welcome dinner that our school hosted for us
 (note the cute palm tree made out of veggies in the background)

Shao Cao!  (a.k.a. bar-b-que)  Our favorite street food - everything fresh, from goat to lotus plant to tofu!

An up close look at the Shao Cao - all of that red stuff is spicy red pepper!

Salad dressing. Flavor?  "America is the Juice" 
We had fun with all of the funny translations of things into English.

Boiled pork and cabbage dumplings with spicy dipping sauce - one of my favorites!

Funny animal-shaped cakes at a coffee shop in our town.

Sizzling rice in a stoneware bowl with yummy veggies, chicken, and apples on top - also one of my favorite meals!

Basically, I LOVED the food in East Asia and wish I could have brought back samples for you all - I guess these photos will have to suffice :)

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